Working for the future of home efficiency

With over 25yrs combined experience in home efficiency and insulation and by bringing Lapolla spray foam to homes and commercial property across the UK, Home Energy Insulations is proud to be part of the movement towards better, greener ways of Insulating; providing healthier, more comfortable, cost effective and efficient homes.

We are focused on educating homeowners about the most effective home efficiency products of today. Advising as to how and why Lapolla spray foam should be considered by anyone looking to update and improve their own running costs and impact on the environment.

Our experienced assessors carry out thorough inspections of homes and buildings to assess suitability and demonstrate potential savings on energy costs and consumption. Should you see the benefits and affordability, we can provide an estimate, supply and install the products helping you reduce your carbon footprint and save you money.

Saving Energy & Insulating Homes From A New Perspective.


Spray foam insulation seals the building envelope to stop already heated air from escaping and prevent unconditioned air from entering a home. Air exchange in and out of a home is a leading cause of escalated energy bills. However, the benefits of the addition of Lapolla to most Homes go far beyond money saving alone.

Discover what Lapolla can do for you and your home with a FREE assessment.

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A range of exterior waterproof paints & coatings designed to reduce energy costs and protect homes.

Moisture in building materials is a key driver to energy loss. Wet materials transfer heat much quicker than dry materials. Tests have shown that a damp content of 5% in a plain brick wall can lower the insulation performance by up to 50%. By keeping walls and roofs dry, ProPERLA waterproof paints & coatings help to improve thermal efficiency.

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How you can benefit from calling Home Energy Insulation?

Bellow are some of the produts we install, from heat and energy saving insulation which keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, to house covering that not only provide an aesthetically pleasing look to your home, but also keeps it waterproof, helping to cure problems like damp and mould which can have serious health implications.

Stay warm and Cosy

proPERLA locks moisture outside while Lapolla creates an air-tight barrier for your property, keeping the warm air inside and the cold air out, ensuring that you are in a warm and cozy home whilst reducing the energy use by up to 45%.

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Reduce your carbon footprint

By reducing a homes energy use up to 45%, our products provide the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for everyone. This means that the environment and the world is greener and safer with Lapolla and proPERLA.

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Saving you money

Installing spray foam insulation will help save you and your household money every year. The spray foam will seal air within the property and help prevent heat loss; this will make it cheaper to warm your home in the winter and help you save money every year.

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Invest in a brighter, cleaner future

Foam-Lok 500 is a completely natural product and consists of natural plants, castor oil and water to enhance your health and safety as it doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals like some of the other insulation products. Healthier for the whole family.

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